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Images that are true to your brand and will help you reach the next level of your career, and most importantly, book work!

Located in Studio City near many of LA’s major movie studios, Bea and her team shoot headshots, model and fitness portfolios, PR portraits, lifestyle photography, and commercial campaigns.  Our creative and producing team has you covered for whatever needs you may need.


Tried and True tactics to help mold and shape your career

Are you feeling stuck on how to reach the next level of your career? As a former top talent manager and casting director, Bea can help give you the guidance you need. Our private coaching sessions help identify specific, individualized strategies to guide your career to the new heights.


Get ahead of the competition with a personalized live headshot/slate shot in 4K

Now shooting in 4K, Bella Saville Photography can give you an edge with a personalized virtual headshot and slate shot to stand out to casting directors. Shot with top of the line equipment, your live headshot will stand out from the pack and highlight your brand.

When you go in for an audition, nine times out of ten, casting directors, producers, ad executives, or directors will ask you to tell them a story about yourself. Whether it’s a special skill, a quirky anecdote, or what you’re currently reading, you may be wondering WHY they’re asking you these questions.

That’s because casting directors are looking for “REAL” people.They want to see what makes YOU unique from the ten thousand other headshots and actors they’ve already looked at. They’re looking for your true personality, and what makes you interesting and endearing to them and millions of potential viewers.

Let us help you create a virtual headshot, a video for your website, or even a personality video or slate shot for your acting reel.  Get ahead of the game by adding a 30 second marketing video to your profile on LA Casting, Casting Frontier, your personal website, or Actors Access.


Fast, top knotch tape, now shooting in 4K

Need to tape an audition quickly? We offer top knotch quality, and some of the best rates in town. Unlike other taping services, we don’t charge extra for coaching associated with taping. We understand that a good take requires good coaching. When you book an audition taping with us, we include coaching during your time at no extra charge.

Need something last minute? Even after normal business hours, we may be able to accommodate you for a taping session. We understand that auditions aren’t always booked a week in advance and are here to help!

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